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Colour Day Run is a different 5 km road race, in which everyone is a winner. It is an enjoyable journey, full of colour and music aimed at all ages. The main goal of Run is to change the way we live our daily lives in the city. It is a decisive move to be active, colouring our every step towards a better life.

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Do you want to live an unforgettable experience full of energy and colour? Bring Colour Day Run to your city and add colour to your life! The unique 5 km race travels Greece to unite all the colourful runners. Do you want to choose our next destination? Just fill in the contact form that you will find below and we will contact you.

The first Colour Day Run took place on April 9, 2017 at OAKA in Marousi. Over 5000 runners ran and were painted with the characteristic colours of Colour Day Festival (blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange).

Colour Day Run is not an ordinary 5 km road race. In this race you can run, pace or even take a walk! Everyone is a winner because the goal is to fill yourseld with joy, fun, energy and colour. Its purpose is to give colour to our daily life through sports and play and to teach everyone what it is like to live a colourful life!

You don’t need anything! Along with your ticket, you will also get the participation package with everything you need. White Colour Day t-shirt, sunglasses, headband and athlete number with bolts, waiting to be coloured!

You can choose the next destination of Colour Day Run in order to bring colour to your city! Just fill in the contact form that you will find below and we will contact you!

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