Colour Day Ranch 2018

On 22 & 23 September 2018Colour Day in collaboration with The Ranch organized a different Colour Day Run, the Colour Day Ranch, an exciting and colourful two-day event that took place in the amazing ranch in Sofiko, Corinthia.

For the first time, the most colourful Greek race took place outside Attica and everybody had the opportunity to run 5km and enjoy the unique natural environment at the same time.

Hundreds of people chose to spend with us – either overnight in the ranch or on a one day excursion – the most colourful weekend of their life with lots of colour, group games & activities, music, dancing and, of course, plenty of food!

The main event was the Colour Day Run, which took place on the 2nd day – Sunday, September 23 – with Aris Loumakis of REC whistling the start of the race.

The most colourful road race in Greece for the first time travels outside Attica on a shocking route in nature! Young and old had the opportunity to run the most colorful 5 km of their lives and enjoy a unique natural environment with rare natural wealth .

After the end of the race a surprise awaited the runners in the Valley of the Ranch! REC, the famous Greek urban band, performed live and remind us the breathtaking moments we experienced last June at the Colour Day Festival!